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J.j Masters Used To Wrestle But Now He Is Stroking His Cock

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Jj Masters

Newbie stud JJ Masters is taking it easy in our studio chair today. Does anyone think JJ looks a little bit like Gene Kelly (Google his name)? The dude with the cute smile, and big arms, is here because there never seems to be enough money. "You gotta do something," JJ says to the cameraman. "Bills to pay." The 20-year-old likes anything that gets him out the house. He used to wrestle in high school and has an eclectic taste in music. Don't be making fun of his country tunes! He has a girlfriend, but she doesn't know where he is. She thinks he's hanging out with a friend. Which he is, technically. When JJ loses the shirt, he flexes and those muscles look tasty. He is a fan of his chest and shoulders. His booty is compact, and those thighs need to be nibbled. JJ sits on the chair, naked, and strokes his tool. After awhile it plumps, and that fat thing looks even tastier than his thighs. Cut with nice set of balls. When he stands up, we get a great view of JJ's bod, from his chiseled chest to broad shoulders. The boy isn't paying us any attention though. He's too busy taking care of his needs. And earning that money! LOL! The boy's breathing gets a bit shallow, and his rod gets even bigger. He gets on the bed, spreading those fine legs apart. JJ doesn't believe in fancy stroking techniques. Keeps it simple. He grabs his head as the pleasure increases. "Getting close," the cameraman asks. "Yep," JJ whispers. His stroking speed picks up. JJ's mouth stays partly open. He licks his lips and soon cum shoots straight up. It lands all over his thigh. Even coats his balls. So? Should JJ bring his tool back?

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