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Sonny And Tristan Stiles Get Convinced To Suck Cock

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Tristan Stiles, Sonny

Tristan Stiles is sitting next to Sonny. You all remember Sonny. He's the newbie with the 8 inch piece of meat swinging between his legs. Tristan needs to practice his sucking skills. As for Sonny, he needs to discover that dudes do it best when it comes the blow job. LOL! "I'm going to have to learn somehow," Tristan says Apparently his blow job skills are not up to snuff. Dude uses too much teeth. You would think straight boys would know that molars on meat are never good. "I have big teeth," Tristan notes. Both boys have their money spent already. On bills. :-( Because Sonny is a bit new to all of this, Tristan takes charge. He pulls the newbie's shirt off and licks those tasty nipples. Sonny takes a seat, and Tristan hits his knees. He puts that tube in his mouth, even laps at the balls. Sonny's sausage plumps from all the oral attention. Tristan has to breathe through his nose because all of that johnson is filling his throat. Sonny strokes Tristan's hair as his partner laps away. "He needs to go faster," Sonny says when the cameraman wonders how Tristan is doing. Hard to be quick with all that meat in your mouth. LOL! Tristan's tongue swirls all over Sonny's bloated head. He needs to come up for air. Sonny lays on the couch, and Tristan gets naked. His eyes are wet from the effort. "That's good," Sonny says when Tristan returns to his duties. He keeps his attention on the head, and jerks his own staff. Tristan busts a load all over his thigh with Sonny's sausage in his mouth. He now is working overtime to make the newbie bust too. His mouth sucks on the meat and fingers Sonny's little ass. Soon enough, all of this pushes Sonny to the point of no return. He cums in Tristan's mouth. The load lands on Tristan's tongue and bottom lip. Tristan doesn't swallow, but Sonny is pleased. "That was awesome," Sonny says. Any disagreements? :-)

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