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Jimmy Johnson (from Broke Straight Boys TV Show Season 1)Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.11 (180cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 7.5 (19cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.03/5

In his own words:

"Show me the money!"

Our comments:

"Jimmy kicks off BSB 2.0. He is tall, dark haired and buffed. He has a son. "

Producer comments:

"I think Jimmy will do pretty much anything if the price is right."

  • 2011 Long Beach Pride

    Watch our Broke Straight Boys in California for the Long Beach Pride 2011

  • Jimmy & Bradley

    Bradley and Jimmy are back. Today, Bradley gets his ass thoroughly fucked by Jimmy but not before Bradley shows off an impressive array of oral skills!

  • Jimmy & Jake

    Jake and Jimmy are in bed together and they are up to all sorts of fun. Jake sucks cock, then, gets fucked to within an inch of his life!

  • Jimmy & Aaron

    Aaron shows off his oral skills, including what he can do with just a tongue stud, on Jimmy's dick. Jimmy then flips Aaron over and fucks him to within an inch of his pierced dick's life!

  • Jimmy & Rex

    Rex has his virgin ass schooled by Jimmy's expert cock. Watch as Rex rides Jimmy like he was at a rodeo before flipping over and having his ass pounded by a pro!

  • Jimmy & Chad

    Jimmy finally gets his ass rimmed by the always willing Chad! Watch as Chad gets rewarded with an extra hot and heavy fuck by one of the best tops on BSB!

  • 2011 Palm Springs Pride

    The boys are in Palm Springs for the 2011 Gay Pride. Check it out.

  • Jimmy & Conner

    Connor and Jimmy are in bed today, swapping blowjobs, then, Connor gets his cherry popped by Jimmy in a hot and heavy fuck that has to be seen to be believed!

  • Jimmy & Bradley

    What does a banana, a Jimmy and a Bradley make? You'll find out when you watch this smokin' hot oral scene that dares to be different!

  • Jimmy & Bobby

    The ever popular Bobby is back, along with Jimmy. The boys jerk each other off before Bobby practices his deep throating, then, Jimmy fucks Bobby's tight ass. See for yourself how much Bobby loves a cock buried deep in his ass.

  • Jimmy, Drake, & Jamie

    Jimmy, Jamie and Drake are in for a session of fucking and sucking but who is going to be doing what? Watch and find out for yourself if Jamie really can fit two cocks in his straight boy mouth!

  • 2011 Southern Decadance

    Jimmy, Rob and Cole are in New Orleans for the 2011 Southern Decadence

  • Jimmy & Colin

    Jimmy and Colin indulge in some hot oral action before Jimmy rides Colin's ass hard. Find out what joke Jimmy plays on Colin right at the very end!

  • Jimmy, Mark, & Colin

    Mark is the lucky boy inbetween Jimmy and Colin. First, Mark shows off some impressive oral skills before getting a dick at both ends. Watch and see how he does at taking two dicks at once!

  • 2011 Chicago Market Days

    Rob Ryder and Cole Gartner, Jimmy Johnson and Jack are at the 2011 Chicago Market Days 2011. Check it out.

  • Jimmy & Colin

    Colin learns how to perform a blowjob by practicing on Jimmy's big dick. How well does Colin do? Watch and find out for yourself what Colin thought of his first taste of cock!

  • Jimmy & Jack

    Jack shows Jimmy how a real blow job is done, then, Jimmy demonstrates his topping skills on Jack's ass.

  • Jimmy & Mick

    Jimmy has a name for his dick, can you guess what it might be? Find out when you watch this very hot scene right to the end. Also, see how Jimmy does sucking cock for only his second time!

  • Jimmy & Jason

    Jimmy and Jason set the room on fire. Watch Jimmy take control of Jason and see just how much Jason loves it! Is Jason BSB's best cocksucker?

  • Jimmy & Boston

    Will Boston be a convert to the cock after this scene with Jimmy? Watch these two get along like a house on fire in these extra hot oral scene!

  • 2011 Denver Pride

    Rob Ryder, Jimmy Johnson and Cole Gartner were in Colorado this week end for the 2011 Denver Pride

  • 2011 Dc Pride

    Rob Ryder, Jimmy Johnson and Cole Gartner at the 2011 DC Pride

  • Jimmy & Tony

    Fan favorites, Jimmy and Tony, team up to give a literal money shot in this very delicious and hot update!

  • Jimmy & Rocco

    Guess what Jimmy does today? He tastes cock for the very first time. Want to see how this ultra straight boy does, then watch this very hot update and find out for yourself!

  • Jimmy & Brett

    Jimmy and Brett are broke again and today, they pull out all the stops in order to earn some extra dosh. Watch as Jimmy fucks Brett to within an inch of his life!

  • Jamie Bobby And Jimmy Take On The Board

    Watch Jamie, Bobby and Jimmy read and react to some of the members comments.

  • Jimmy & Zach

    Today is a first for Jimmy; fucking another guy! Watch and see how Zach handles Jimmy's thick cock. Do you think Jimmy will be a convert?

  • Jimmy & Jamie

    Jamie thinks he is here to just jerk off with Jimmy, however, Jimmy has other ideas. What does Jimmy get Jamie to do?

  • Vinnie & Jimmy

    Vinnie is paired with Jimmy in this new broke straight boys shoot.

  • Matt & Jimmy

    Matt & Jimmy are back - what can we get these two to do for cash?

  • Jimmy, Rocco, & Slink

    Jimmy is back but this time we were able to pair him with 2 other guys. This is one of my favorite all time scenes for bsb. Don't miss it!

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy is the first crop of boys to help us launch the all new BSB 2.0. This guy is super straight and his reactions are priceless.

  • Black Party Expo Nyc 2011

    Even the STRAIGHT BOY put on a Show, just for YOU!! You have to watch the videos!!! Thanks Black Party and NY for having us!

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  • mmorelli on 01/15/2020

    I want to see Jimmy solo a fleshlight.

    • DomCharm on 07/02/2019

      Jimmy really needs to give up that cute bubble butt and make a lot of noise doing it!

      • Gianniplays1 on 08/10/2018

        Biggest douche to ever hit gay porn. I hope his scenes stay out there in the porn tubes forever, and he gets hazed on the regular. Funniest fucking thing ever was his one and only "bottom" vid, People with copies of that should be slappin it up on every tube site, just to be sure his level of deniability remains zero.

        • frankiejoe on 01/02/2019

          Jimmy is just a bad boy. I could sit on the back of a motorcycle with him and wrap my arms around his waist. There's just something about a grumpy bad boy that I really like. He's basically a good guy, way deep down inside. He's defend his buddies with a good fist fight if punks ever picked on you,

        • coco57 on 07/31/2018

          Some guys, liked this straight boy. I think he was a jerk. Boring Stupid Bum.

          • gollieguy24 on 10/24/2017

            Jimmy is the most Homophobic guy in porn

            • bsb4hpgsve on 11/19/2018


            • JDella924 on 05/23/2017

              Are we ever going to see Jimmy get fucked? He's super hot, but arrogant. And he can't/won't even suck a cock!

              • Ronjon on 07/03/2016

                Unquestionably the lowest rated model on BSB. Its not hard to understand why as he has the attitude and personality of a potato. He is the most homophobic model I have ever seen on any gay porn site anywhere. Why BSB employed this guy is beyond me. BSB has produced a lot of outstanding content, and Jimmy's scene's should not be associated with BSB, and should be be deleted from the site. As a gay man, and a subscriber I find him offensive and reprehensible. BSB you are so much better than this. I am truly disappointed in your decision to air this garbage.

                • gollieguy24 on 01/02/2018

                  I give you 2 thumbs and then some

                • anonymous on 06/16/2016

                  Are we ever gonna see Jimmy get fucked??? BSB We are all waiting, please don't disappoint! lol

                  • JustinYu on 04/08/2016


                    • CockjockTO on 04/05/2020


                    • AWJ12687 on 04/15/2015

                      I like Jimmy but he should have bottomed on BSB. I always think it's selfish to stick it to everyone and never get stuck.