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Welcome to the All-NEW Broke Straight Boys! Featuring never seen before straight guys, with an all new studio producer! We have already seen a hit since we are getting a huge submission of new guys. If you are a cute straight boy in need of some cash hit us up! BSB is offering HD content, videos streaming anywhere in the world with fast download times. iPad, iPhone/Droid phone capable and Mac/Windows friendly. What are you waiting for? See the all new Broke Straight Boys Inside.
April 4th, 2011
Jimmy, Slink and Rocco
Okay, so more of you "Broke" Straight Boys have been coming out of the wood-work and sending in your submissions to make some cash. Check out our newest recruits: Jimmy who is introduced to Slink and Rocco. Three straight boys who are in need of some cash are brought into the studio and we push them to see how far they will go to make some quick cash! Jimmy refuses to kiss another guy so his friends Slink and Rocco go ahead and try it, before you know it Jimmy is getting a stellar blow-job then fucking Rocco. Watch this video below.
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April 5th, 2011
Jimmy and Tony
Everyone's favorite str8 boy is back Jimmy! He seems to be a regular since he is always running low on cash; Jimmy is ready to go a little bit further, he is hesitant at first but decides to go ahead and fuck Tony, he is loving the feel of a tight ass, even though he will never admit it. This is a hot scene where both Tony and Jimmy are pushed to do a little extra for the green.
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April 6th, 2011
Vinny and Zach
Vinny is a new straight boy where we catch him for the first time to get a hand-job from a guy, a blow-job from a guy and then even cums in Zach's str8 boy mouth! Vinny reminds us of a model we used to have on BSB, I am sure the long time veterans of BSB know who I am referring to! It honestly surprises us how far we can push them to do things they say they will never do. Let alone on camera! Enjoy the preview below.
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April 08, 2011
Rocco, Cj and Brett
Ever seen 3 straight boys fuck each other for money? We are able to find these guys who are complete strangers and said they only love the pussy! Well it does not take much cash to swing in front of their faces before they play cock swords in each-others-asses! Look at how far we get these three boys to do more than jerk each other off—which I might add is all they said they would do! Even though they have to watch some straight porn on the TV, they get hot enough to get fucked!
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