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Sergio Valen And Jake Tipton Flip

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Sergio Valen, Jake Tipton

As you’d expect, they’re both a little nervous at the notion that they’re about to get fucked, so they ease into things nice and slow with some oral, Sergio sucking on Jake’s dick while he massages his own, and then Jake returning the favor and wrapping his hot mouth around Sergio’s big curved cock.  These guys are hard and ready after all that cock-sucking, and it looks like Jake’s the first one to bottom as he lies back on the bed and spreads his legs open for Sergio. 

He takes that prick surprisingly well as Sergio shoves it way up his ass, and then he gets fucked doggy style, letting Sergio have his way with him.  But next, it’s Sergio’s turn to get his ass cherry popped and he lubes up and prepares for Jake’s cock, letting out some moans as Jake enters him and pumps in and out.  Clearly these guys enjoyed their anal experience because they both shoot a huge juicy load all over!

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  • cfinhawaii on 07/04/2014

    Justme1982 I'm glad you are in the minority. I will keep my membership going because it is getting better. If you don't like the talking skip that part. For goodness sakes it's a computer!!! Blow it up make it smaller mute the sound speed it up slow it down. Seriously!! Loosen up!!

    4 2
    • Nick212 on 07/03/2014

      I LOVE how Jake gives direction on how he wants to be blown and fucked. Hot. They both need to shave their balls. Jake will eventually be a good bottom. Sergio needs to learn to keep it up if he's going to continue to top.

      2 3
      • dvmon102 on 07/03/2014

        Sergio is a super hot , it was great to see him finally bottom. it was a really good scene. Sergio needs to bottom more.

        3 3
        • asusportsman on 07/02/2014

          Two good guys, love their smiles. Good episode. Need more Sergio :)

          4 4
          • napscoordinator6 on 07/02/2014

            Loved this so much. I love both so much. Sergio especially is hot....those jeans...yum! That dick on Sergio...yum.

            4 4
            • john2233 on 07/02/2014

              I never realized how beautiful Sergio was.His legs my God.Liked Jake allot great ass.. Loved it. Can't wait to see Sergio fucked again.

              5 3
              • fernandousa1 on 07/02/2014

                Historic! Can't believe it finally happened to Sergio. Beautiful pairing superb scene - Congratulations.

                4 3
                • nair77 on 07/02/2014

                  I love Mr.Tipton

                  8 0
                  • ilovestr8cum on 07/03/2014

                    You look damn hot also love to have you fuck me.

                    0 5
                    • john2233 on 07/03/2014

                      You really need to get out more.....

                      3 0