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Ayden Troy Fucks Tyler White

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Ayden Troy, Tyler White

Ayden and Tyler are a hot commodity and so many of their loyal fans have been asking to see them together, fucking and sucking, and now that’s finally going to happen!  We’ve got these two hotties paired up for one sexy encounter, and they don’t seem to mind the pairing either! 

They kiss a little, strip down till their cocks are out, and get each other warmed up with some oral.  Ayden gives Tyler head, making that dick hard as fuck before Tyler drools all over Ayden’s dick, sucking on that cock like it’s candy as Ayden watches from above.  But when it comes time to fuck, it seems like Tyler’s ass is almost too tight for Ayden’s throbbing prick and he moans in pain as Ayden stretches that ass around his dick. 

A couple slaps to Tyler’s ass and Ayden’s pounding him a little faster, eager to pump Tyler full of his meat.  A couple position changes and Tyler seems a little looser, but that ass is still sore and Ayden’s rhythmic pounding is painful, but feels good enough to get Tyler off!  Ayden is right behind him, shooting a hot load onto Tyler as these two take a few deep breaths and squeeze out the very last drops of cum from those big dicks!

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  • jimmydean89 on 06/22/2014

    Tyler: You are a real man! Your personality, your outlook on life and your chipper attitude are what make a guy into a hott pornstar and not just another guy on the site. I truly do hope you stick around with BSB for quite some time.

    3 1
    • tltaustex05 on 06/21/2014

      Tyler is a stud. Aden just goes through the motions. Find Tyler a worthy partner and he will put on an amazing show

      2 5
      • jamesnyc2013 on 06/21/2014

        Tyler needs to bottom for ronan next time!

        7 1
        • jimmydean89 on 06/22/2014

          That would be pretty hott!

          1 0
        • donahuek on 06/21/2014

          Ayden is always a hot top!

          6 3
          • nilocmaul on 06/21/2014

            i love these boys sosososo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            6 2