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Dakota Ford Fucks Kaden Alexander Raw

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Kaden Alexander, Dakota Ford

Dakota and Kaden tear into one another, ripping off their clothes and exchanging some rough kisses before Dakota gets on his knees and gives Kaden head, letting him shove his cock so far down his throat he gags on it!  But don’t worry, Kaden gets his turn to choke on Dakota’s meat as Dakota face fucks him and he slobbers all over that cock. 

Once these two have had their fill of cock-sucking and ball-licking, they kick it up a notch and bring a toy into the mix and Kaden lubes that dildo up and sticks it as far up his ass as it’ll go while Dakota wraps his mouth around Kaden’s cock. 

Now that Kaden’s got his ass warmed up, Dakota isn’t gentle when he sticks him with his prick and fucks him hard and bareback, slapping Kaden’s ass and pounding him from all angles as Kaden moans and begs for more until Dakota shoots his load and then sucks Kaden off!  As if that weren't enough, Dakota cleans Kaden up a little by licking off some of that jiz!

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  • kadenevery on 05/06/2014

    For my money, Kaden is hands down one of THE finest boys in the industry. And I swear he just keeps getting better and better… The scene was great. And I totally agree that the chemistry between Dakota and Kaden was nothing short of amazing. Not really into toys, BUT watching Kaden open himself up with the dildo while Dakota sucked him off WAS RIDICULOUSLY HOT! Generally, both Kaden and Dakota pursue each scene with a certain gusto. What a perfect pairing, BSB. Oh and I must mention, the cummy kiss at the end sent me over the top! Well played, boys!

    9 3
    • babo1985 on 05/05/2014

      OMG!! Absolutely fabulous!!! Top mark boys!!!

      8 2
      • bad4apple on 05/04/2014

        Scorching hot. Truly cum-worthy. 5+ all around. The energy and chemistry between Dakota and Kaden is awesome. They are the new kings of the hill in my book!

        8 2
        • john2233 on 05/04/2014

          That was fun.What a ass on Kaden...You both were great....

          11 2
          • cfinhawaii on 05/04/2014

            Kaden Dakota Awesome!!

            10 2