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Zeno Kostas Fucks Paul Canon Raw

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Paul Canon, Zeno Kostas

Zeno is having some doubts about his willingness to fuck a dude in the ass…but obviously we’ve found this straight little Greek God’s price because here he is, ready to fuck.  And Paul is there to be his helpful little bottom, teaching Zeno the ropes of taking a guy in the ass. 

Stripping, kissing, and cock-sucking ensue as these two get hot and heavy, and we think Zeno enjoys this more than he’d like to admit judging by the way he slobbers all over Paul’s huge cock, not afraid to get a little messy for the sake of pleasure.  Paul returns the favor, working Zeno’s pierced prick with his hot little mouth before letting him shove his bareback dick so far up his ass that he can taste it. 

Zeno gets Paul on his side as he fucks him like that, playing with Paul’s junk as he pumps his cock in and out nice and slow, letting Paul feel every move as he claims that ass for himself.  Zeno likes bossing his little bottom around as he gets him on his back and makes him squirt his load all over, fucking him raw as he cums.  Zeno pulls out and adds his own hot jiz to the mess!  For a guy that wasn’t too sure he wanted to fuck another dude…we think he did a damn fine job!

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  • MaleMan69 on 04/20/2014

    That was hot. Zeno did well, and Paul was terrific. HOT.

    6 4
    • morph16 on 04/20/2014

      Zeno is super hot. Great scene - and it actually looks as if both boys enjoyed doing it. Well done. Hope to see much more of Zeno.

      4 4
      • alanning on 04/19/2014

        GREAT scene! the kissing was hot! Loved Paul,as always! Zeno started by giving a Super BJ, and everything else was really good for a first time!

        7 4
        • cat320847 on 04/19/2014

          Nice job guys and Zeno I love all the piercings wished more of the guys had them or kept them in for the scenes.

          4 3
          • mikypat on 04/19/2014

            very hot scene ! loved everything about it. keep it coming guys!

            7 4
            • babo1985 on 04/19/2014

              Great performance guys!!!

              5 4
              • alaskabeth on 04/19/2014

                Damn, that was intense. Seeing Zeno orgasm like that is well worth the "price of admission!"

                7 3
                • john2233 on 04/18/2014

                  Goddam Paul ..You just get more and more Beautiful .Zeno no turning back for you.You loved it.I gave it a 5.

                  10 5