Interviews of our Straight Boys
You will really get to know our Broke Straight Boys as you watch us interview them before and after a photo shoot. We delve into their lives talking about their girlfriends, school, sex lives, and we dig out their dirty little secrets. Join now and watch our straight boys' interviews.
Chilling before and after a shoot
We pamper all of our cute straight guys. We make sure they are well fed, give them plenty of junk food and we have tons of video games on hand. We make sure they are treated like the gods of sex that they are. We treat them so well that they sneak back in to just hang out with us.
Broke Straight Boys Photoshoots
When we have a new straight guy in the studio to shoot we take him around and introduce him to all the crew taking shots of them as they meet and greet all of our amazing photographers, camera men, and even the caterers. They love being treated like the new Pornstars that they are about to be.
Outdoor Shoots
It gets really wild when we take our straight guys outside to do shoots. They really get excited when the sun beats down on them, but they are always looking around to see if anyone is watching, and well we love seeing that. It makes the shots much hotter when they think that someone might see them.
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